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Sweets For Him

Lily is transforming the house she bought with her husband into a home. She wants it to be a new beginning for them after his latest deployment. She pushes away the nagging fear that haunts all military spouses waiting stateside. Then she gets the call.

Devastated and afraid, Lily fights for optimism in the days following Adrian’s death. With a sense of confidence and independence that baffles her family, she summons the strength to rebuild her life. Friends rave about her baking, but she doubts she can turn that into a career. She asks Brady, her handsome new neighbor, to try a few samples before a job interview. His dark-chocolate eyes are as tempting as the richest desserts and just as irresistible. She is reminded that the way to a man’s heart could very well be through decadent Italian sweets.

Brady finds Lily’s blue eyes and long dark hair equally alluring. He sees her looking at him in his police uniform but knows he has to take it slow. Their friendship slowly builds into something more passionate. Watching sunsets together is a way of seeing her every day, and Brady will take every chance to be with Lily. He wants to offer himself up as a dessert for her, but he will be patient for the woman he knows will be the sweetest thing in his life.

Sugar and spice and hot cop next door. Nice!

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All Sizes Vet Clinic

Nick has physical scars no woman wants to share. The scars around his heart seem to disappear in Anna’s presence. He feels alive with desire at Anna’s touch. Can the passion be there after she sees his damaged body?
Helping her find a home for the wolf hybrid the clinic takes care of is easy, but can he offer her a new job, a new home, and a new life without breaking his heart? He’s willing to risk his heart if she’s willing to trust him with her future.
Nick enters Anna’s life like a storm. He strips her emotions bare and finds out what she wants and needs the most. He wants to take care of her, and he has a plan to do just that. He’ll expand his large-animal practice to include a small animal clinic for her to run. Will her independent, hot-blooded Italian personality let her?
Anna needed experience and a paycheck when she graduated veterinary school. After two years she realizes she hates her job, her bosses, and the way they treat the animals. She knows she needs a change in her life, but can she take the risk and change everything? She’ll be at the mercy of a man she barely knows for a job, a home, and most of all, her heart. She has no problems sharing her passion with Nick, but can she trust him with her future and her love?
Can they build a new business and a new life together?

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My Perfect Love

Seth falls for Gabriella right away. There’s only one problem, the constant fear in her glacial blue eyes. After Gabriella confides in him about her marriage, Seth wants to protect her from all the bad in her life and show her what love really is.
Gabriella’s ex-husband made her into his perfect wife. After divorcing him, she needs to run from the monster she can now see him as. She finds a good job and makes friends before he finds her again.
Gabriella helps Seth identify the problem with his business reports while Seth keeps her safe from her tormentor.
Can Gabriella look past her ex-husband stalking her and find love with Seth?
Can Seth show Gabriella how they can make their own perfect love?

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Skittish To Love

Michael has a home and property, a successful equine therapy business, and enjoys training horses for his many clients. The one thing he is missing in his life is someone to share all his successes.
Rose is finishing her Master’s and the last thing on her mind is a relationship when she meets Michael. She admits to herself, if no one else, she’s attracted to Michael. If she shares her secret with him, can he show her what real love and passion are?
Michael wants Rose to discover life on her own terms and hopes that she’ll choose Oklahoma and him. Does he need to tell her his much-guarded secret before she makes her final decision?

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Sophia’s Kiss

I have her laugh memorized and know exactly where she is without having to look around the sandbank. Sophia has come to stay at the ranch every summer since her parent’s divorce, and each year she gets more beautiful. This year I’m a man starving, and she is the only meal I want, but she is only sixteen and I’m six years older than her. I admire her from afar, keeping my distance as not to tempt myself. My heart and body don’t seem to want to realize, this year, she is still a child in the eyes of our families and the law. I hear her laugh again and search the group of people sitting in the water across the creek from me. Our eyes meet instantly, and I can’t seem to look away.

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