Sweets For Him

Lily is transforming the house she bought with her husband into a home. She wants it to be a new beginning for them after his latest deployment. She pushes away the nagging fear that haunts all military spouses waiting stateside. Then she gets the call.

Devastated and afraid, Lily fights for optimism in the days following Adrian’s death. With a sense of confidence and independence that baffles her family, she summons the strength to rebuild her life. Friends rave about her baking, but she doubts she can turn that into a career. She asks Brady, her handsome new neighbor, to try a few samples before a job interview. His dark-chocolate eyes are as tempting as the richest desserts and just as irresistible. She is reminded that the way to a man’s heart could very well be through decadent Italian sweets.

Brady finds Lily’s blue eyes and long dark hair equally alluring. He sees her looking at him in his police uniform but knows he has to take it slow. Their friendship slowly builds into something more passionate. Watching sunsets together is a way of seeing her every day, and Brady will take every chance to be with Lily. He wants to offer himself up as a dessert for her, but he will be patient for the woman he knows will be the sweetest thing in his life.

Sugar and spice and hot cop next door. Nice!


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