All Sizes Vet Clinic

Nick has physical scars no woman wants to share. The scars around his heart seem to disappear in Anna’s presence. He feels alive with desire at Anna’s touch. Can the passion be there after she sees his damaged body?
Helping her find a home for the wolf hybrid the clinic takes care of is easy, but can he offer her a new job, a new home, and a new life without breaking his heart? He’s willing to risk his heart if she’s willing to trust him with her future.
Nick enters Anna’s life like a storm. He strips her emotions bare and finds out what she wants and needs the most. He wants to take care of her, and he has a plan to do just that. He’ll expand his large-animal practice to include a small animal clinic for her to run. Will her independent, hot-blooded Italian personality let her?
Anna needed experience and a paycheck when she graduated veterinary school. After two years she realizes she hates her job, her bosses, and the way they treat the animals. She knows she needs a change in her life, but can she take the risk and change everything? She’ll be at the mercy of a man she barely knows for a job, a home, and most of all, her heart. She has no problems sharing her passion with Nick, but can she trust him with her future and her love?
Can they build a new business and a new life together?


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The Story

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The Heroes

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The Location

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