Skittish To Love: Confiding and Healing

Expressing ourselves, or confiding, involves sharing our thoughts and concerns with someone we trust. This act of sharing serves as a form of emotional relief, aiding in our healing and overall well-being.

Think about a time when you shared your worries with a close friend; afterward, you likely felt a sense of lightness. That’s the essence of confiding. Discussing what’s bothering us can provide clarity and alleviate the emotional burden we carry.

Healing, akin to repairing a broken toy, centers on recuperating after experiencing emotional or physical pain. It is an essential journey toward recovery, one that involves acknowledging our pain, learning from our experiences, and gradually moving forward. Healing isn’t about erasing scars; it’s about embracing them, understanding their origin, and using that understanding to grow stronger.

Sharing our concerns initiates the healing journey, much like opening a window to invite fresh air. Communication helps us comprehend ourselves better and acts as the initial stride toward finding contentment.

In summary, confiding and healing are intertwined processes. Remember, sharing our feelings is a vital step toward healing, and extending support to others during their difficult times contributes to a collective sense of happiness and well-being.

About The Author

Laine Faro was born in Delaware and was adopted. Her personal life involves marrying young in the military. She values her traditions and Italian family dearly.

Laine Faro, in the fourth part of the Corsco Family Series, “Skittish to Love,” unravels a story about Michael, who is known as a man who ‘has-it-all.’ He has a flourishing business of equine therapy and a picket fence home and sustains a deep love for horses and training them. However, the twist intervenes when, amidst his thriving business and a stable life, he yearns for the companionship of someone to share all his success with.